Chio (2022)

original character, avatar and mascot of my stream and social profiles

Reference sheet
Photos from my August 2022 trip to London (with my friends but they aren't pictured here)
I was not happy to be here. This is the most British photo I have
I went to a god damn Wendy's in the middle of London

Scene/Environment Art

August 2021 (streaming asset)
May 2021 (streaming asset)
August 2021 (also counts as fan art)
March 2021
January 2022 (streaming asset)
May 2021 (originally an unused streaming asset)
August 2021 (also counts as fan art)
March 2021 (also counts as fan art)

Chio (2021)

Photos from my July 2021 trip to London (with my bf)
Miscellaneous art - stream promotion, thumbnails etc
GTA Definitive Edition stream promo / thumbnail art
PaRappa the Rapper stream promo / thumbnail art
I felt ill one time and it delayed a few streams
Going to sleep for December 2021 / stream break announcement
Yume Nikki highlight video promo / thumbnail art
Abnormal GTA Games stream promo / thumbnail art

Fan Art

forced into being from whatever i felt like drawing that day

PaRappa the Rapper
UmJammer Lammy - Lammy
Hatsune Miku
Jerma985 but on accident I was just doodling and this happened
UmJammer Lammy
Cave Story - Quote
Final Fantasy - Black Mage
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
Pokemon - Wooper
Vargskelethor Joel